Welcome to the Quantum Thermodynamics Group

The theory of thermodynamics was a driving force in the industrial revolution. By enabling the development of devices such as steam engines and refrigerators, it had a tremendous impact. At the nanoscale, where systems experience fluctuations and quantum effects, our thermodynamic understanding is still being expanded. Our group is a part of this exciting development which promises to produce important contributions to emerging nano- and quantum-technologies.

We are looking for an open-minded, creative, enthusiastic, responsible, and ambitious Postdoc with an independent work style and the ability to work in different teams and build international networks. If you are interested in the position, please include a CV (with a list of publications and the names of three references) and a letter of motivation in your application. For any questions, please contact Patrick Potts.


27 May 2021

Patrick Potts talked about Quantum Thermodynamics at a QSIT Seminar.

01 May 2021

The Quantum Thermodynamics Group was started.