Project and Master Theses

  • The thermodynamics of continuous feedback control: Case studies based on the quantum Fokker-Planck master equation
    Joël Aschwanden, Master thesis (8 months), September 2023, Thesis
  • A Keldysh Path Integral Approach to Input–Output Theory
    Aaron Daniel, Master thesis (8 month), December 2022, Thesis
  • Fully quantum description of a three level maser, driven by a thermal bath
    Sander Stammbach, Master project (6 weeks), March 2023, Thesis
  • The thermodynamics of continuous feedback control
    Joël Aschwanden, Master project (6 weeks), July 2022, Thesis
  • Heat and work in a two-level system through quantum master equations
    Nadine Lenke, Bachelor project (6 weeks), October 2021, Thesis

Publications of the Quantum Thermodynamics Group